10 ways to photograph with HP Android so good results

Want to have a good shooting skill but don't have a sophisticated camera? Do not hesitate, in this sophisticated era, the Android camera or Smartphone has been equipped with camera specifications that support good photo results. It's just that, you need to know how and tips to photograph well and correctly with Android HP to get a photo like using the camera.

Some photography techniques on smartphones you need to learn including how to set up your camera, how to take a camera viewpoint, pay attention to good lighting and how to shoot images. Mekipun your photo tool is limited to the existing ones, even cheap Android has been designed with the best quality of Android camera.

To get the best shots like a famous photographer, try implementing basic practical methods below. The easy way can be quickly practiced by beginners though. This way you can also increase the skil or ability of the photo using your mobile phone. For details, let's see the following information and tips:

How to shoot with Android HP for good results

1. Clean the Android camera lens

The first thing to do is clean the HP camera. Why is it necessary? Cause without realizing it can be your hand that sweats touches the main camera lens on your Smartphone. Well, oil stains or sweat will eventually leave a thin stain in the lens section without you realizing it. Use a clean wipes to clean the camera lens to clean and unobtrusive photos later.

2. Ensure sufficient lighting

Lighting is one of the main factors a photo is said to be good or not. Photography itself has the real meaning of "painting with Light". Therefore, light is a very important component in photographing activities. Before aiming make sure that in terms of object lighting is bright enough.

3. Maintain camera stability

The captured photo will be much nicer when the camera can continue in stable position. It is meant the camera does not shake or there is vibration of the hand when shooting. If it is not stable, the result of the photo will blur and cannot be focused. If your hand is not stable, try to make use of a tripod or a pillar of the phone so that the stability of the camera will be more awake.

4. Approach photo objects instead of Zoom

One mistake that is often done when shooting is to use a zoom on a farther object. Using the zoom feature is actually possible, but the result of the photo taken can be blurry or blurred as the image's focal level is reduced. To overcome this, try positioning the distance between yourself and the object not so far that you don't need to use zoom.

Shooting without zoom will look more original, not shattered and clear. Let yourself be close to the object to find the good position of the shoot compared to using the zoom feature that even lowers the photo quality.

5. Shoot from different angles

Corners of the photo are often called angles. Shooting angles can have a big effect on the resulting photo. If you usually only shoot from a normal angle, the photo will be the usual result. Cobaah to change the style of the photo angle. It may be possible to do from different angles or corners that are distinct and unusual. Diverse photo angles will be useful to get the photo result with a different and unique touch.

6. Take advantage of High Resolution

Nowadays, generally many phone cameras have been equipped with features that let you choose the resolution of the images you want to use. Well, to get good photo quality, start by choosing the highest resolution before photographing an object.

However, before that try to check your phone's memory capacity first. Because generally the higher the resolution is selected, the larger the file size of the photo of your shot.

7. Further beautify with Photo Editor app 

The photos will be even more cool when given the touch of various beautiful and unique fiter from various sources. One of them is using a photoeditor application which can be easily downloaded on your phone. In addition to making use of the filter touch, you can again refine the results by adjusting in contrast mode, brightness to cropping.

However, keep in mind don't be too excessive in editing your photos. Why? Excessive editing can eliminate the originality of the photo. Remember that applications such as photoeditors are used only to beautify not to change.

8. Avoid using the Flash

Almost all Android or Smartphone has its name a flash or flash feature. However, for the best photo quality you should not use this flash. In fact, in DSLR cameras only, the flash is only used during urgent conditions. Do you know? Every photograph will certainly look better if the light used is natural. The presence of flash features will require you to photograph objects in dark conditions only.

9. Rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is the next trick in the world of photography. This feature allows you to shoot with great photo results. Well, in this rule you need to position the object parallel to the horizontal or vertical path. In other words, our eyes will focus on the image that is divided into three, where the subject is at the center of the photo.

10. Use HDR Mode

HDR is a mode that is available on most Android cameras. Its own function is to take photos with stationary objects. This Mode will ensure that the lighting and shadows in the photo are exposed evenly. This Mode is also very useful for use in high contrast. You can also combine two of the best photos in one photo for exposure at the same time.

This is a complete description of how you can maximize the functionality of your HP camera by knowing the tricks of taking good photos. With more effort accompanied by tricks and techniques you can take photos that kece.

The result of the photo you can share on social media Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, line, WhatsApp etc. Photo activity can be a fun thing when you know how to take good pictures or photos instead of?

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